Ascension And Leaving The Matrix Of Insurance Policy

Initially, let’s just begin with a review of just what the matrix is and why you are still in it.


If your outer world is what you do like it to be, that means you are still in the matrix. The matrix is a collection of ideas that your culture educated you and also outer world systems, and it is based on untruths and fears. The pattern does typically not believe in points like wonders, God, faith, inherent powers, facts that could be seen outside of scientific research and physical phenomena, angels, rising and higher states of awareness. So, your external world is what you want, and that indicates that some beliefs or understandings you still have get in touch with matrix thinking, ideas and also feelings. You are always living difficulties.

Your life challenges could instruct you something and get you closer to leaving the matrix; however, you have to be able to see the untruths that God is aiming to get you to look within those negative matrix-created inner states and outer adverse matrix experiences. Since you are, please do not blame or slam yourself. Likewise, the same fate awaits if you were captured up in the matrix as well as its challenges. It then would seem certain that you were born into the model and programmed by it all of your life, all the time, and everyone around you counts on the lies of the matrix.

It is like you, I am still in the matrix, despite all that I have discovered and also just how much I have grown as well as ascended thus far in my life. As well as because I am still in the matrix, this tells me I have even more to see, mor to expand, more to find out; it says me that I am still at the very least to some extent purchasing into the matrix idea systems.


I just lately went with such a difficulty, and it was tough for me to obtain it. I need to have a car for all kinds of factors. A year back, I joined AAA, as well as I likewise bought their car insurance. My AAA car insurance agent representative had told me that the car insurance, after the proper driver and good student and other discounts, would be $167 a year, payable every September. I believed, oh, what fantastic good luck! I so do enjoy AAA!

Well, that was back in September of 2012. The following March of 2013, I suddenly obtain a bill for car insurance in my mailbox, and also it claims I owe a minimum of $77 now on car insurance and I have two weeks to pay it otherwise. I contact the client service line. I also discover out after that, I owe an additional $77 in June to pay up for the year cars and truck insurance, and afterward, in September I will owe $319 for the next year cycle, or the time payments they currently have me set up. I tell the agent that my representative told me I only needed to pay $167 a year, not two times a year. My actual agent runs out community up until the end of the week as well as so I’m talking with a customer care representative instead.

I get an additional bill in the mail from AAA for my yearly membership charges. I believed it would undoubtedly be for $40. However, it was for $95 preferably. It seems that the way they had marketed the upgrade to the degree, it made it appear like it was just $40, but it was the regular fee of $55 plus an additional $40. I call up and state I desire to go back to the lower, routine charge of $55. So, they tell me okay, we will do that for you but in the meantime, you are still covered by the Plus upgrade until the end of March, at which time your yearly membership will be due. So, I figure at the end of March, I will owe a membership fee of $55, which is much more than I had intended to pay and I had just budgeted in $40.

I also I was having difficulty finding out exactly how I can manage the extra distinction. However, it was a lot a great deal and even so figured. However, after that, I figure out that the $55 schedules now, at the beginning of March, as well as not at the end of March as that customer care person had told me on the phone lately. I was distress. I called again, and I just decided I might not manage even the $55, also if they were to delay it till completion of March, which they would as well as I claimed I just want to terminate my membership When I can afford it. I will restore it in a couple of months. They canceled my membership. It implied that for a couple of months if my car breaks down on the road, I will not be able to tow it home or to a station. I hoped that my car would certainly not break down throughout this period.

Getting back to the car insurance policy problems, on Friday, when my car insurance representative was due to return, I was most likely to call him up as well as try to obtain him to rewrite my policy to delay my remaining payments for that cycle for a few months, clarifying to him that there had actually been some misconception, and also I had actually believed it was $167 for the year and also not for two times a year. When Friday came, I was unwell with a cold, working, and I just did simply feel like dealing with it on top of the cold. I wanted just to relax and work on getting healthier for the weekend.

I did not desire to have to deal with these problems again this week. I actually needed to inspect my bank account balance to see if the AAA credit report of $55 had removed my account, which it had cleared earlier in the week, as well as I needed it to clear to make sure that I can remain on my ordinary budget, plus have about $25 extra money to collaborate with for a few needed things.

That whole point was an additional issue I had been handling which had been partially worked out until now. That was an entire an additional story the previous Friday, I had called AAA to see when they might give me the credit score to reverse the $55 debit they had actually put into my bank account, and they did the credit, yet they said it take until the next business day probably to clear my bank account; the next business day came, I called the automated cashier as well as it showed it had removed, after that I went to the bank drive-up window to pay some money based on that credit history, obtained it, enabling me to pay the total rental fee which was now a day late plus get a couple of required items like gas, etc.

After that a pair of days, later on, my financial institution calls me and also tells me I am overdrawn by around $32, as well as I say that could not be because the financial institution just credited the $55; she states, no it did not go through; and I stated however the automated teller said it went through, and she said that it, in fact, went through because it was the balance however not yet in fact cleared, as well as I stated after that how is it I had the ability to withdraw that money if my balance was only $1 at that time and she could address me that. Anyhow, she charge for the overdraft, and in the meanwhile a couple of days, later on, I transferred my new paycheck and also was still waiting for the $55 credit report to remove my account to ensure that I could deal with my typical needs beyond conserving the remainder of my paycheck for half the rental fee, customarily.

So, all of these financial problems over two weeks’ time were around these problems: car breakdowns as well as lack of insurance policy for same; rental fee being late and also it not being my fault; as well as not being able to continue my car insurance policy. These problems were all due to another person blunders and also not my errors. But why was this happening to me?

I had seen it coming I had thought exactly what they had informed me as well as had based my financial planning according to their verbal statements to me. I had been cautious with my economic planning and budgeting and assumed I had everything well covered. I was safeguarding my cars and also my financial resources. I should likewise mention that over the last maybe 3 to 5 months, I had had numerous events where I came very near to having some car accident, and I would certainly claim this was mainly not my mistake. Two incidents stick out in my mind. One was where a car came at me out of the blue and had not been there a minute before; nevertheless, although he came very close to my car, our cars did not crash into one another as well as all was great, but I was plenty shocked.

The various incident that stood out for me was very current; I was driving along at a relatively sluggish pace and also was near to where I park as well as walk a brief range to my house when unexpectedly I see this woman strolling before my car, jaywalking. Well, I have had this happen in the past, they jaywalk at all times near where I live and they look at all for any oncoming cars like every person is just asleep and they being self-protective and they are complying with the legislations that say cars have the right-of-way and you are expected to be jaywalking. In this city in my location, the night lights are on in the night, yet they are dimmer than in a lot of other cities I have actually lived in, as well as when someone jaywalks by me at night, it is very hard to see them, they are like shadows, and you have to look out to see them at any given minute.

I did see her, yet at the last minute. She was so close I could have hit her. And she was so asleep as if she was drugged or something; she sought out, saw my car, and had no emotional reaction at all, no attempt to move ahead fast regarding not be struck by my car. Anyhow, wondering why is this occurring, as well as why did I lose my concentration and not see her more in advance of time.

I had my ideal understandings concerning all this morning when I decided to quiet my mind for a few minutes as well as just practice meditation. Number 1: I may be able to control my very own activities as well as the mind, yet I could not control other individual’s actions and also thoughts. Number 2: Therefore, trouble may involve me because of other individual’s errors, sleeping states and also states of consciousness. Number 3: When this happens, the prospective problem either happening even though it resembles occurring; otherwise, it happens, yet it gets turned about in my favour. Number 4: Why does the prospective problem not happen, as well as why does the trouble that occurred get transformed, and also how?

Despite the fact that I could see it all coming, when it came close, something turned it about so it would not eventually hurt me. What turned it around and also avoiding things from worsening? # 1: My own higher states of awareness and also who I am. First of all, I cannot draw in such problem, as there is nothing in me that could now attract car accidents or strike of pedestrians. There is additionally nothing in me that could attract fees for being overdrawn at my bank even though normally they would charge for such an issue; as well as there is absolutely nothing in me that could attract client solution individuals that are upset with me or that attempt to address things for me.

It has to do with that I am, how I feel and act, and likewise my great reputation with my bank and my landlord. #2: It has to do with God. Exactly what I saw this morning was that I simply could not constantly see whatever that is coming or whatever an error to start with. I am handling whole lots of things to focus on and also work with daily throughout the day. Also if I was rose as well as entirely user-friendly in all times, I could not see every little thing every one of the moment because just excessive to deal and see with things occur that we cannot always protect against or manage or know no issue exactly how ascended we are.

If we did not live among the matrix and its individuals, the majority of these adverse things could be avoided; yet if we still live in the pattern, points like this may sometimes occur. So, here is the insight: when we cannot see a mistake and also when we could not see the problem coming, God sees it for us, and God will avoid it from harming we as well as he will transform it all around for us as long as there is entirely nothing within ourselves that can attract such difficulty. God had been stopping accidents, giving me reimbursements, connecting me with really comprehending and excellent customer care agents, preventing any type of overdraft account costs, halting any late fees or anger from my landlord, as well as

God had actually even made it so that I was able to obtain the added cash for my rent and also other demands also the bank later claimed that the credit had actually not gone via at that point! So, although I could not control what other individuals do and I could not consistently see possible issues coming, God will aid me in it. Why did it take place in the first place, after that? Since God wanted me to see all this and recognize it, so He allows it come via for me to take a look at as well as get the understandings from.

One understanding was that there should be something in me that fears accidents, cars breakdowns, and problems with my bank as well as overdraft charges, being late with the rent, and not remaining in proper control with my funds. At the same time, nevertheless, there is something in me that cannot experience and also draw in: cars accidents, car breakdowns, the landlord angering at me and even charging me late fees, the bank getting mad at me and also billing my overdraft fees, and my car striking pedestrians. So, it is not just that God will assist, but additionally that my awareness is high sufficient now that also if such difficulties come my way, they are transformed around since I cannot attract their utmost final thoughts of huge problems.

My intent and also focus is financial stability and financial responsibility, having an excellent car that does not break down, having money for car repairs, having the cash for car insurance and being lawful with that said, and never entering any car accidents, and also so those intents, as well as focus, will stop any efforts by dark forces to bring these types of problems into my world. I additionally know who I am and others can see that I am and my good objectives, as well as they, like me, therefore they will certainly flex over backwards to assist me and also forgive me as well as not blame me and also not bill me for things that were obviously not brought on by me. I have no regrets or wishes for self-punishment. I have nothing in my consciousness that can expect, attract or attract financial ruin, disability, accidents or bank issues.

I did have concerns regarding might these points take place and also, so I did attract them to a minor extent. However, there was something else within me that quit it as well as transformed it around, with God. I could not manage other individual’s mistakes and behaviours. I cannot always see an issue coming. This is since I am concentrated continuously on many various other things like work, my ascension process, day-to-day problems as well as tasks, everything taking place, and it is a great deal, as well as so I could not always be intuitive and see all potential troubles or mistakes. However I do my best, and I am somewhat high at seeing a lot of it, but there are some points that could slip through the cracks often. When someone informs me something vocally, I tend to think that is right and also that is precisely what occurred with the car insurance, the car breakdown insurance, and even the automated phone teller at my bank.

I think it was necessary to try and double-check on what I was being told to make sure it was not a mistake or a misunderstanding on my or their parts. God will aid in these kinds of situations. We cannot always prevent problems from striking our front door; however we could intuit and grow and talk our way of those difficulties and we can pray as well as that we could avoid the trouble from getting larger and also can turn everything around, with God help. Without God help, things might have been a lot worse in these recent situations. So, why am I informing you about all this today? Just what does it relate to rising and venturing out of the matrix?

To obtain from the matrix point of view and also cities and also systems, you need to understand concerning things like insurance. Currently, I need to have car insurance policy since it is illegal to drive without it. As well as so, if something occurs where I cannot afford auto insurance policy, or there is some kind of misunderstanding or blunder around this, then I have to analyse just what to do if I am compelled to do without cars insurance. If the law, do I keep driving without the car insurance and insurance policy and also mean I could lose might ability to drive discovers? Does driving without car insurance suggest that I may enter a car accident as well as after that have legal difficulties? Do I have car insurance even if it is a legitimate demand, or do I also have it because I fear to enter into a car accident and also think I might not have the ability to avoid this? The reality is that I can stay clear of ever getting involved in a car accident and that my awareness, as well as God, would probably not allow it to ever before happen to me. I recognize this, but how deeply do I think it?

There are the AAA membership insurance which protects me from having to tow my car as well as not being.  Able to pay the lease or cover basic financial needs while doing it. It does not protect my car against breakdowns, however, at the very least, it provides me convenience recognizing that AAA will tow my car for free, protecting me from troubles. So, exactly what is my idea mind-set around this issue? Does having this insurance make me anticipate a car break down? Does it make me fear a car breakdown? Or do I have the idea as well as the mind-set that God will always help me financially and also aid me to be able to repair the car and keep it in the excellent running? Order to make sure that a breakdown never happens? And if I think that, after that do I require or need to I have this insurance anyway? I can claim, well, it is great to have this insurance, and also this coverage is one method God does protect me. If I am having trouble paying for this insurance, after that there is something about this, even if my mind says I do not fear it.

I had also been fearing car accidents because I saw that I could not control other individuals driving. If I was a superb vehicle driver, as well as that a car accident can also happen what is the response to that? The answer is that if there is absolutely nothing in your consciousness that might bring in such a disaster to your health and wellness or funds (like regret and self-punishment, or a belief that you or God could not and would not prevent this) after that you could not attract this, even if it comes real close, it could not take place.

It suggests that your reasoning as well as sensations and also positivity regarding you, your life, your non judgments, protect you from these disasters. It indicates that you may have a couple of impressions in this field, a couple of fears, yet that mostly, your beliefs, feelings, and ideas get on the side of this cannot happen to me and also I will not allow it as well as God will protect me from it why even when car accidents came close to me, they, in fact, did not happen.

These experiences I have been having around these problems belong to my attempting to leave the matrix. I have to be stronger in my knowing of these realities. The reality that these difficulties also resembled me makes me realize that I have to re-examine these problems and be stronger in fact concerning them. I am not much longer who I utilized to be, however part of who I made use of to be and also just how I utilized to believe and also feel still can impact my outer truth to some level, and also so I need to be more powerful in reality. What it all primarily came down to, though, was that God would certainly shield me from these points, and also that God would turn everything around for me, and also that who I am now safeguards me from further difficulty with these situations. That brings me and enables me to play my part easily in transforming all of it around.

It has all been partly reversed thus far. The bank did not charge me fee for the overdraft and also was great with me about it. The landlord did not get angry or charge me any type of late charges. AAA urge that I pay them the membership fee and they just provided me a credit then allow me to terminate my membership, plus they provided me the credit within some hours of my requesting it (even though it would not clear the bank right now). My car has not broken down. I have not gotten in any car accidents although I came close. Once I get that AAA membership credit on my bank account.

I have a lot of cash as well as extra money to take care of my regular standard financial demands. In some months. I will have lots of money to cover the AAA car insurance policy and membership fees, as well as in the meanwhile, I will probably merely believe myself as well as in God that I won’t draw in any car breakdowns or car accidents as well as that I could still drive without car insurance without getting right into legal trouble. Insurance is a matrix idea. It is based upon an absence of belief in oneself as well as an absence of faith in God to protect us from what we are being insured for. We genuinely don’t need it if we are at a certain level of awareness where we can know for sure that these bad things cannot and will not happen to us. But for those who are not at those higher levels of understanding, insurance coverage can undoubtedly assist them if they are showing up troubles.

Anyhow, I am informing you this real story regarding my difficulties with insurance due to the fact that the principle of insurance as well as why you need or don’t need insurance is just one of the things you should let go of within the matrix in order to have the ability to leave the model and live the kind of life you truly intend to live. Anything that has Worry as a structure for it is ultimately fraud also model, and also you should release it to be able to obtain out of the model and right into the life you wish to be living. Look at whatever in the model as well as see that it is ALL fear-based and a separate from faith in God.

However besides faith in God, we need to believe ourselves, as well as we need to be in a great deal of truth to understand that we could produce things as well as transform stuff about equally as God could for us. We have to play a part in it; it is all just about God protecting as well as aiding all of us at the time. I do my part in maintaining the car well preserved, in budgeting my funds, in doing my financial planning, in thinking positively and expecting only the best. I do my part in being the very best person I can be, in remaining in non-judgment and also understanding of others, in being responsible as well as moral.


I can write an entire write-up about this following topic, yet I desire just briefly to offer it as one more example regarding insurance. Health insurance. God and also Jesus, rose healers and even masters, they can heal us of disease states unbelievably. We must additionally do our part to keep our bodies healthy as well as turn around our disease states, by just how we really feel and assume and also act, and even by just what we prefer to consume that either enhances and heals our body or injures our body and produces or maintains disease states with us. , if our consciousness, as well as eating routines, are not such that develops health, after that, we require health insurance. If we do not believe that God or Jesus or healers can heal our diseases, then we need health insurance, and also doctors, however, do they genuinely treat our bodies or otherwise? Mostly not. And even if they do, the disease can return later on because we are still consuming unhealthy foods as well as thinking sick thoughts, back later on. However if we know we eat healthy and balanced at all times, if we understand we do not create or anticipate illness in us, and if we recognize that if the disease does pertain to us that God, Jesus as well as healers can assist us to heal the illness. Our eating habits and also our awareness that developed the disease, then we do not need medical insurance.

Still, the insurance could be a method that God gives us the cash to obtain well once again, just as car breakdown insurance is a method God assists us economically if we made a blunder as well as did not see a car trouble coming as well as. So, I am not precisely claiming we must not have insurance but I am stating that we should carefully look at our thoughts and sensations worrying insurance as well as ensure we are not in worry and also anticipating troubles as well as provide we have enough belief in ourselves as well as in God to understand that whatever difficulty takes place, we could overcome it without the insurance, as God can bring all of us financial and also individuals aid in miraculous means. Insurance claims we do not believe in miracles, that we just think in science as well as reasoning

As well as only what could be done physically to help us. This is because of how we are raised, due to the academic system focus on things not of God yet of scientific research and reasoning, and as a result of our societal conditioning and systems as a whole.

God and you are your insurance, not some insurance company that you are paying astronomical amounts of cash to. $300 or even more in car insurance annually is ridiculously pricey. Just what you put your loan into is precisely what you count on. If you believe that you need insurance, then you are in worry as well as question yourself as well as uncertainty God. This is one manner in which the dark forces keep us in this imaginary matrix of fallacies as well as keep us far from faith in God and also confidence in our very own consciousness to protect us. It is like believing in doctors and health insurance as opposed to counting on awareness and God to heal us. Insurance is a fear-based matrix idea system. See the fact and also let go of it. It is part of leaving the matrix.

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